A prominent politician, and close friend of the Prime Minister, has died during routine heart surgery. Is this simply a case of extreme medical negligence or are more complex events unfolding?

The year is 2030.

Advanced robotic systems are commonly utilised for surgery in the National Health Service. Mortality and complication rates are non-existent, even in operations that were once considered perilous.

Join Professor Daniyaal Ashraf, a prominent surgeon, as he teams up with the General Medical Council, Scotland Yard and GCHQ to stop the culprit, before more innocent lives come to harm. His fast paced journey will take you through a maze of medical fiction ground in scientific reality, leading to the inevitable debate about the future of medicine and the National Health Service.

“the richly imagined world of the novel is a place that hearkens both to a placid past and the unrelenting advent of a furious future” – The Doctor Reads (read full review here)

“imagines the shape healthcare might take in the years ahead and explores the profound ethical questions that advances in medicine will provoke worldwide”Asian Books Blog

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