SLT is an advanced, non-thermal nanosecond laser treatment that can achieve reductions in eye pressure (IOP) as effectively as medication, without the associated side effects or compliance problems. In successful cases, this means freedom from the need for regular eye drops thereby improving your quality of life.

SLT works by applying selective photothermolysis to the pigmented trabecular meshwork cells. This stimulates the release of proteins and cytokines, leading to recruitment of macrophages to improve the circulation of aqueous humor through the meshwork, all without causing any thermal or coagulative damage.

The treatment is routinely done as an outpatient procedure, typically lasts twenty minutes, involves no surgical cuts and is completely painless.

You can find out more about the treatment (delivered using the cutting edge Ellex Tango Reflex laser system) here.

SLT is amongst the safest laser treatments performed today. Infrequent risks include the need for continuing or additional eye drops, the need for further laser treatment, bleeding, inflammation and high eye pressure (which may rarely need surgery).

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