Problems with the eyelids can often cause significant discomfort and interference with daily activities. Whilst not always the case, there may be circumstances in which treatment for these is not catered for by the NHS.

Common lid conditions I can help diagnose and treat (for relief of symptoms rather than cosmetic reasons) are:

  • Entropion or inward turn of the lower lid
  • Ectropion or outward turn of the lower lid
  • Chalazion or stye
  • Cysts/swellings
  • Epiphora or watery eye
  • Dermatochalasis or excess baggy skin of the upper lids

Very rarely a lump on the eyelid may be suspicious for either a benign or malignant cancer. If you have noticed a rapidly growing lump with bleeding, please contact your GP for an urgent referral to the Royal Eye Infirmary as this will require a review by the oculoplastics team.

To book a private appointment please contact my secretaries at:

Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital (Derriford Road, Plymouth, PL6 8BG) 

Angela Vowden (01752 761814)


The Medical Eye Clinic (Glen House, Sigford Road, Marsh Barton Trading Estate, Exeter, EX2 8NL) 

Tara Martin (01392 829436)